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Hi there, welcome to our website!

We're a local rollerskating club based in Perth's northern suburbs with a strong focus on introducing people to the world of competitive rollerskating. We have competitors and coaches in artistic and speed skating and run weekly "Learn to skate" classes at two venues. If you or your family would like to get involved, give rollerskating a go or just want an activity that gets kids off the couch each week then why not give it a try. We currently offer the following classes:    



The Intermediate dance class caters for skaters in preliminary, cadet, intermediate and masters advanced grades. The class progresses from the junior class working on intermediate level dance skills including three turns, Mohawks and backwards skating. This class also focuses on the dances the skaters will be practicing for the competitive year.

Intermediate classes start on the 27th March.


The Junior dance class caters for skaters in all novice dance grades and those skaters competing in primary, juvenile and masters grades. The class will teach skaters basic dance skills including chasses, cross rolls, and dance runs. The class will focus on dances the skaters will be practicing for the competitive year.

Junior classes start on the 27th March.


Learn to skate or blade with our qualified coaches! This class is suitable for beginner to advanced skaters and will provide skaters with skills so they may progress into Artistic, Speed, Hockey or Derby skating. ALL AGES WELCOME! Each class is run per the school term and each new skater will receive a Learn to Skate booklet with items they must complete before finishing the program.

 Free learn to skate class on 18th April

Regular learn to skate classes will start the 2nd May due to the 25th being Anzac Day



This adult learn to skate class is specifically designed to provide new skaters with the skills they need to become a derby skater. The class will teach basic skating skills and specific skating skills only used in derby skating.

Midvale Rollerdrome