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We now have a NEW website. Please visit us at our NEW website for all the up to date information about our club: www.cobrasrollerskating.club


Cobras Rollerskating Club is fairly recent club to join Skate WA. We are a growing club lucky enough to be based at two different rinks, The Midvale Speed Dome and Rollerzone in Malaga! The club was originally formed as an artistic skating club however we have recently welcomed speed skating, which is very exciting! Along with our coaches Michele, Rachel, Tom, Kate and Shenae and our tireless volunteers we are slowly building the Cobras into a family friendly competitive skating club.

A little bit more info...

Artistic Skating has many facets including Dance, Figures, Free skating, Pairs & Precision. These disciplines are all very unique as their skills and technical requirements are all different. Of all the disciplines in roller sports, artistic skating is the most graceful and colorful of all. Artistic skating is safe and fun and combines the grace of a ballerina and the stamina of a disco dancer.

Speed Skating is fun and exciting and research has shown that it has more aerobic benefits than cycling with 50% less impact on joints than running. Speed Skating involves races over short and long distance on various track and road surfaces, with competitors wearing advanced inline skates designed to maximize speed. Skate Australia has clubs all over Australia where you can join and train for fun, fitness and competitive racing.